Church Repairs

Our parish was founded in 1903 and has faithfully served our community ever since. However, over the years, the building has experienced significant wear and tear, necessitating serious maintenance. Recently, we have faced issues with the rectory roof, clogged gutters, outdated wiring, and major basement leaks. By the grace of God, we have been able to address all these problems. Below is a brief timeline of the repairs.

Basement Leaks

The first item on our maintenance list was addressing the basement leaks. Initially, we believed the leaks were caused by the roof drainage system. However, we later discovered that the leaks originated from the church’s toilet, causing extensive damage to the rectory’s basement ceiling and floor. As a result, we completely refitted all the toilets with new seals and properly mounted the pipes. This repair also provided a great opportunity for a thorough cleanup. Please check the pictures below.

After the repairs were completed, the carpet was dried, and the area was cleared of clutter.

Roof and Gutters

The roof had not been resealed for many years, as evidenced by the damage shown in the pictures below. Long exposure to the sun had caused numerous cracks, allowing water to seep into the building. Consequently, the roof was resealed, and all leaks were eliminated. We also removed unnecessary cables and obsolete equipment from the roof. The metal wall coverings were cleaned and repainted for a better aesthetic look. Additionally, all the gutters were cleaned and cleared of debris. On the side of the building there were 2 lights that did not work. The entrance side light has been removed and the side wall light has been replaced with a new LED system.

Above, the state before the repairs and improvements.

After repairs and improvements.

Rectory Wall Before
Rectory Wall After

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